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Published October 4th, 2023 3 minute read

When positioning dropdowns, tooltips, or context menus with Floating UI (formerly Popper.js), transitions sometimes don't behave like you'd expect. The first time the element is positioned the transition won't originate from the right spot, or it transitions from the prior...

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Published January 11th, 2023 11 minute read

In my continued effort to spruce up the site, I added a way to render 🔥 tips and callouts directly from markdown based content. This is all made possible via a CommonMark extension. Turns out it's pretty easy to do because we can extend another CommonMark extension to get most of...

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Published January 8th, 2022 2 minute read

Hi folks! It's been over a year since an article was published on this site. Yes, I fell off the content treadmill a bit last year. Anyway, we're back! Did you have a good year? Hope so!

My year was fun. Although I shared little on the interwebs, it was filled with all sorts of good stuff. Programming and design things, but tons of living life kind of stuff, too.

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Published December 18th, 2020 4 minute read

The year is almost over, so get prepared for a flood of year-end posts! Okay, not really. However, there are three I'd like to write — a reading list recap (this one), a 2020 year in review, and a 2021 goal and learning list.

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Published December 10th, 2020 18 minute read

Webmentions are a protocol that allows sites to track when links are made to them and to receive notifications of those links. They are a neat way to keep tabs on the kinds of interactions related to a website or article, such as likes, retweets, comments, reposts, etc...

This article will explain how I added them to articles on my site, so you can too!

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Published December 4th, 2020 5 minute read

The ProblemAlthough I do most of my writing in Notion, I have to put posts into Statamic to publish them on my website. For more CSS-based demonstration posts, I needed a better way to display the code and the result. Sometimes code snippets aren't enough to get the point...

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