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Falling Off the Content Treadmill
Published January 8th, 2022 — 2 minute read
Hi folks! It's been over a year since an article was published on this site. Yes, I fell off the content treadmill a bit last year. Anyway, we're back! Did you have a good year? Hope so! My year was fun....
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2020 Reading Recap
Published December 18th, 2020 — 5 minute read
The year is almost over, so get prepared for a flood of year-end posts! Okay, not really. However, there are three I'd like to write — a reading list recap (this one), a 2020 year in review, and a 2021 goal...
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Replacing a Relic
Published November 20th, 2020 — 6 minute read
It's that time of year! That exciting time of... *new stuff?* In this week's article, we'll take a departure from the normal coding and design writings to explore why getting a new laptop seems like such a...
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Launch Recap: Jetty UI Kit
Published November 13th, 2020 — 5 minute read
Recently I launched [Jetty UI Kit](https://jetty.dev) — a collection of blocks for quickly making landing page designs in Figma. In this article, I'd like to outline what went into the product, how it sold,...
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