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Published September 25th, 2020 8 minute read

Vim can be a polarizing editor, and while it may seem cryptic when you start, it can be incredibly powerful. Many folks never bother to learn vim, which is a shame. Some people go crazy with vim and make it their primary editor. For me, the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle — using another editor with some vim sprinkles. If you're not familiar with vim, and you're looking to level up your ninja editing capabilities, this is the article for you.

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Published September 29th, 2020 12 minute read

It's no secret — I'm a huge fan of Alpine. For me, it hits that goldilocks zone between minimalistic and powerful. Alpine is straightforward to get started with, especially if you have a VueJS background. However, there are a few hidden features (okay, they're documented, not actually hidden) that you may not notice if you're just quickly scanning the readme.

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Published November 6th, 2020 14 minute read

Recently I added a signup form for my email list to the site. Using ConvertKit's API, Tailwind CSS, and AlpineJS and the Javascript Fetch API made it easy to whip up. The result is a form that's much more customizable than the embeddable forms provided by ConvertKit. This article breaks down how I did it, and how you can too.

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