Shortcut to Open Laravel Docs from Your Editor

Published January 18th, 2017
2 minute read
This was written over two years ago, so some information might be outdated. Frameworks and best practices change. The web moves fast! You may need to adjust a few things if you follow this article word for word.

Update: Since I've now switched to VS Code, there's a version for that too.
Wouldn't it be great if we could quickly access the exact Laravel documentation page you need right from your code editor? Now you can!

Often while developing I need to double check something from the documentation. Here's how I used to do it (the old, slow way)

  • Open a browser
  • Type
  • Scroll around / scan the page trying to find what I wanted
  • Finally find the section that I need and click that

Now there's a better way! The Laravel Docs extension.
Simply install it via package control and you'll find many new entries in your command palette (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + P) for "Laravel Docs". Simply select the entry you'd like and hit enter. You'll then see the appropriate docs page open in your default browser.

Although doing this manually isn't really that bad, I often find myself distracted by other websites or social media before finally going to the docs page I was seeking (ten minutes later). Overall I felt that there was room for some automation in this process, so I made a new package to do so. Hope you find it useful! I'm also working on versions for VSCode and Atom which are coming soon.

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